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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can “YOU” get what you want?

Ladies, can you ask for what you want from men or are you afraid to disturb the waters? Can you ensure that you are clear in what you want, like a WOMAN, or are you living a life of surrender and settling? The most common response is "I won't get it", “He won't do it" and my favorite, “He won’t LET ME”. Be different! Manifest all that you want.
In relationships, woman has learned over the centuries that the surrender technique is their best weapon against the physically imposing. Seduction was and is a woman’s best kept secret when it comes to getting what they want. The trouble is that very few women know “Seduction Techniques” anymore. They are usually overtly sexual and lack the sophisticated tactical implementation at the point of contact.
The old passive-aggressive technique is the most overly used approach known to man. It works because it allows a woman to appear to surrender her POWER, while women perform a psychic conversion on their target. But like all tools, if you don’t sharpen them they become dull. Having other mechanisms in place allows the mind to be more creative and fluid. Simplicity and vision are additional examples of other mechanisms you can utilize to get what you want.
Men are powerless against a woman who is sure, confident with persistence, utilizes a concentration of effort and definiteness of purpose. There is no extreme mathematical computation necessary. It is as certain as the sun.
When a woman is sure and focused, free from the distraction of exterior influence she gets what she wants. When a women is confident because of her persistence of what she wants she is sublime and cannot be turned down. For what is hers is hers and it cannot avoid her or detour her. A concentration of effort causes all that she desire to manifest right before her instantaneously. And a definiteness of purpose causes her to make decisions quickly and change them very slowly.
The fatal flaw that women have is their willingness to second guess themselves. They are the most intuitive of the species, yet they succumb to the poison of perception and giving a thing or a person a second chance. With this sense of doubt they ignore the thing that makes them great. Don’t Second Guess Yourself!

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