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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Building The Perfect Date

Is it easier to find a date or find a mate? Well, it depends. If you are among the fortunate ones to be blessed with the basic package of having a look and tolerable personality, you can get a date. Now, for those that cannot get date or find the dating scene daunting, I want to show you how to create the perfect date with ease. If you are gifted enough to repel a date just think of how gifted you are truthfully at ATTRACTTING, not just a date, but a GREAT DATE every time. The "date" is not just a person it is the overall experience. Build it with R.E.A.L L.O.V.E and it cannot fail.

1. Build a blueprint from scratch and use it every time until you find a way to make it second nature. This blueprint is comprised of reality not fantasy.

The blueprint consist of:

A. “YOU” (E-motional Body, Attitude, Open-mindedness, and a Willingness to accept goodness in your life)

B. Time

C. Place

D. A wanting to be a part of the Human Experience and feast at the table of Life.

2. Visualize the kind of experience you what to have totally dependent of the other person being present.

3. If the word "DATE" causes you to have a mind virus, lose it and replace it with a term that positively defines the overall outcome of the experience.

4. Don't use expectation to ensure your dates success build it brick-by-brick? Use your blueprint!

5. Utilize simplicity, creativity and imagination in your interaction, but emphasize simplicity.

6. Write it down! I cannot emphasize this point enough the mind map is just a start to manifest that thought into an incredible reality. Please use one of the most incredible technological inventions in modern man, a pen, to diagram your blueprint on paper.

7. Control the options when your companion for that date is indecisive. Give them "ABC" and then give them your real choice. Make "ABC" complicated then make "D" the easiest of all the choices.

8. Pick the right date spot. Never second guess yourself .Your intuition is your greatest tool in this case. Keep a list of venues based off your various moods.

9. Be flexible! Keep an open-mind and thrive in the moment. Try newness!

10. Be present and turn off the phone.

11. Map "YOU" out! When you create your blueprint you are going to find out something wonderful. You are going learn how easy it is to create a fun date just by taking a little time to think about what you want and how you like it.

12. Never second guess yourself .Your intuition is your greatest tool. It guides you as you build every aspect of the date from the company in want to be in to the color of the shoes you’re going to wear.

13. Do not depend on the other person to supply you with a Great Time. Your attitude that you have discussed in your blueprint takes care of that. Utilize your pleasing personality and beautiful attitude to affect the mood. Your smile is the key to your dating success, so get to know it daily.

14. Don’t look for what you believe the other person is “SUPPOSE TO DO” or “KNOW” what to do, assumptions on a date create tension and disrupt the positive flow.

15. Relax and have fun! Remember you have no one to impress but yourself on how you are constantly growing and have learned to enjoy life affecting everybody around you in an amazing way.

We will talk about the mating rituals later. And remember, if the problem is choice whom chooses for you?

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