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Monday, May 12, 2008

The New Urban Religion

The New Urban Religion
J. Thurman
Reasons for celibacy
Religious beliefs
In order to strengthen the body
To avoid the risk and/or prevent the spread of venereal disease
To focus energies on other matters, like one’s career or social issues (sublimation)
To avoid contributing to overpopulation
To cultivate a relationship according to an ideal of chastity
An inability to obtain a willing sexual partner (involuntary celibacy)
An inability to find a sexual partner that one finds acceptable or tolerable
A distaste or lack of appetite for sex (asexuality, antisexualism)
A distaste or lack of desire for couple hood
To avoid persecution (e.g. prosecution for gay relations under sodomy laws)
Perceived benefit of alteration of physiological factors (hormonal changes)
As an attempt to regain a sense of self and independence from others
Medical limitations (medical celibacy)
To enhance the production of the DMT-molecule in the Pineal Gland, and limit the production of Melatonin

You can not get laid even if you woke up stuck naked to the person of your choice.
If these are your reasons then stand by them, but if you need a new discipline to avoid the utter fact that you are out of control with your sexuality, you have a problem that is bigger than, "SEX". What does out of control mean? Out of control means that you have no control in matters of overstanding your sexuality and the difference between your sex and someone else’s sex. Out of control also means that you are letting other define what sex is to you. Often times disallowing yourself a chance to discovery the real ,"YOU", whatever that means it is personal and sacred to you.

The rise and acceptability of celibacy in today’s society boils down to choice although some women have presented this choice as a means of a religious movement. The basis of celibacy in the non-secular realm is preserving, purifying and sanctifing your spiritual essence. Along with disciplining and cleansing your physical components. There is alot of energy and power that builds up when celibacy is used in a real way. Learning to use that power is the key to fully utilizing the purpose of celibacy.

The most popular way women use celibacy is to test a man’s sincerity in the confines of a potential romantic relationship. This is not an effective way to measure a man’s resolve and sincerity. Just because you, as a woman, are not having sex with a potential suitor, does not mean that he is not having sex. The new urban religion seeks to separate its followers from others that might be confused with whoredom. It is clear that celibacy for black women is more about cultrual perception then about its front of religoius mores. Black women are revirginating themselves.

They are using celibacy as a nice clean front to mask their inability to deal with the issues of sex by avoiding it. The pink elephant sitting in the middle of the room does not need any company. Getting involved with someone to justify you having sex is just that, justification to have sex, and not look like you are practicing immoral acts (according to who?) There are women who practice celibacy and in the meanwhile they are poising themselves by working on their issues not just with sex ,but with their total being.
You can not use excuses and diversions to avoid heartbreak you can redefine how you go into a relationship. You can define love and romance without using sex as a parameter. If you are a sexual being going, cold turkey is crazy, it will backfire. You need a plan of attack if you are serious.

You can ask someone who is practicing celibacy what are they doing in the meanwhile. Are they doing YOGA, PILATES, TAKING CLASSES TO BETTER THEIR SEX LIFE, FASTING etc..........What are they doing except waiting for someone to come along to define their sexuality? Celibacy- opportunity to perfect mind, body and soul or opportunity to avoid dealing with "YOU" as a woman.

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