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Monday, June 2, 2008

A Blues for Ja-cen-ta

Blues for Ja-cen-ta Category: Romance and Relationships
I hope you are having a glorious day and fully engulfed in the moment.Our last conversation had me thinking about your experience with men. I'm sure that your running shoes are smokey. But, I hope you know you don't have to run, "cause no matter where you go there you are". The people that give us justification to run have the most power over us and are the masters of our destiny. We feel that we have no power or control and therefore relinquish our automony easily. We mistake authority for truth instead of taking truth as the authority. People who we allow to control our emotions become our authority. Some people are addicted to that feeling but when they are not in the presence of it regain their senses,it seems. You are in control of the feet in every direction of you but you are in control of everything you survey. Your dominion as a woman spreads out as far as the mind can conceive and you need to know that. Don't be addicted to that feeling of defeatism?I want you to come back home brand new and trusting that you are truly BLESSED and what GOD has created in and out of you is perfect, because GOD don't make no mistakes.

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