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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Great Atlanta Ratio

The Great Atlanta Ratio (Myth or Fact) Category: Romance and Relationships
The Great Atlanta Ratio (Myth or Fact)
J. Thurman
The Great AtlantaRatio is the most misunderstood mathematical equation in the history of computation.
Some fun numbers:

*MSA= Metro Surrounding Area (Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Douglasville and Gwinnett)
Total Blacks in Atlanta: 1,502,745 (as of 2005) and growing
Total Black Females:606,530
Total Black Males: 503,642
Total Unmarried Females: 42%
Total Unmarried Males: 31%

I was having another one of those conversations were someone, who obviously has obtained the crown jewel, breaks down the ratio phenomenon to me for the millionth time.
The numbers flucuate depending on who you talk to. For example: The woman who tells you how handsome you are and reminds you that there are 13 women to 1 man so I should have no problem finding somenone, but not her. Then there is the wily out of towner who has heard rumors of "Pussy Galore" lying in the streets that are laced with Victoria's Sucretions and Viagra. I can not forget about the transplant that soley moved to Atlanta to find the woman of his dreams then he realizes that all he is doing is dreaming.

The reality is that even if the numbers have shrunk from 13:1 to 10:1 you have got to look at what you are really dealing with. If you lined up 10 women in front of you, as a man: 2 are lesbian/bisexual = not for you, 2 are married, 2 have boyfriends(status quo style), 2 are still in mourning from a relationship that happened eons ago. And the last two are just not feeling you, even if you dropped diamonds everytime you opened your mouth. I forgot the golddigger whose eye for the rich guy is another disqualifier. She can pick you apart like a jeweler look at a fabulous fake. The number are not there to support the myth which has become fact.
Fact: If you lined up every black women and every black man facing each other the numbers are disproportionate. If you married every black man ,free or incarcerated, there would still be millions of black men left out. If you look at the stats on marriage you will see that black on black marriage is not a sure thing .

The higher the risk the higher the return", is the credo of not just gamblers and trustworthy salemen. This is why most men never stop chasing because there is a better rate of success in high numbers. Only a fool depends on superficial word of mouth stats, that do not add up. A fifteen year old teenager can get a phone. The truth for alot of men centers around working the numbers, not to be confused with a clumsy man-child who get the attention of alot woman and take it for granted.

There are some women who need a demolitionist to break down the walls, only to have them go back there EX. Men are completely a the whim of a woman who's sole purpose is to pass you on to the other twelve or so women standing in line. She passes you on for a number of reasons, but, no matter what you will be passed on.

My point is not to confuse a romanticized idea of being passed on by fate, so that you eventually meet the right one, there is no right "ONE". The object of my piece is to garnish attention to the credulous idea that the number of women, out weighing the number of men, favors a man in the sense of ,"hooking up". They don't! There might be a favorable number of women to men at any one locale, but are they viable prospects. This is the question unanswered and ignored. .......Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. This quote sums up the mechanical workings behind the myth, the part of the facade that no one can see beyond.
"Don't believe the HYPE......"

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